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Welcome to the Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital Virtual Pet Memorial, where we invite you to celebrate your cat’s life and the incredible bond you’ve shared. Experiencing the loss and sadness of losing a beloved pet is most often very difficult. Creating an online memorial in your pet’s honor can be healing and rewarding. Please submit your cat’s story, any message you’d like to share about their life, and your favorite image of them to cats@catslimited.com. Please limit submissions to 300 words or less.

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Jazz, my 18 y.o. buddy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my arms, looking into my eyes, and hearing the familiar phrase “good girl” in my sing song voice. I adopted Jazz at 13 y.o. when she had been returned to the shelter. I miss her snuggles, chatter, sleeping on my legs under the covers, following me from room to room, running after the red dot, and enjoying road trips and hotels. We both loved sitting on the balcony listening to birds singing and trees swaying in the wind. Jazz would lie down in front of the fireplace to let me know it was time to turn it on. I miss you so much and still see you everywhere but am comforted knowing you’ll never feel pain again. I’ll always love you, good girl. ❤️ 😻

white cat

Purrful Lyons
2014 — 2024

I adopted Purrful in June 2015. He was one of two kittens born to an abandoned cat in eastern Connecticut, luckily near the home of a former Cats Ltd technician who monitored and fed the family. Once captured at the age of 12 months, he spent 2 ½ months being fostered and socialized at Cats Ltd, thanks to The Sherwin Fund.

I was 66 then and had decided that I should only commit to a senior cat. And I’d wanted a tiger whose coat pattern I could get lost in. But, no. Cats Ltd called and said they have someone whom I should meet. We met three times and it was swipe right: lively personality and polydactyl!

Purrful was canine-like in his solicitation, looking to play catch or chase the laser pointer: a true and superb companion. He gave “happy hops” and headbutts on request and on whim (alas, he saw no point in “high fives”). He thanked me by lifting his chin to say “Prrrp” when I fed him or moved something for his convenience. I realized a couple of years ago that he made a “meh” sound when it was time for TDs; about a year ago I understood that “mraagh” was for canned food. If we listen, they’ll tell us.

He’d contracted feline herpes at an early age, developed glaucoma, and succumbed to lymphoma, indomitable to the end. He’d been named Tyrion before I adopted him (after the “Games of Thrones” character) and it seems that was prophetic.

Three weeks have passed since Purrful completed his life. I no longer sob myself to sleep or weep myself awake. I’ve bought two large plants to nurture: they’ll lift their leaves to the sun to thank me. But they’ll never say, “Prrrp.” And they won’t cuddle.

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Miss Koufax
May 2007 — November 2023

Miss Koufax, a much-loved long-hair domestic tuxedo kitty, was adopted from a litter found under a porch in Short Hills, NJ. For the next few years she shuttled between New York City and Short Hills, where she was allowed to roam freely in the neighborhood and once when she was called to come in, it was actually a local skunk roaming the neighborhood.

In 2013, Miss Koufax’s family bought a cottage in Buck Hill Falls, PA, and she happily traveled to the Poconos on weekends. In 2017, she took up residence in West Hartford, lovingly cared for by her “Uncle Alex,” then moved with him a few years later to New Britain, where she spent her final years.

While living in New York, Miss Koufax (AKA “Kofi”) loved to wander the halls of the apartment building, resulting in a barrage of stern letters from the co-op management company. In Buck Hill, she enjoyed sitting in the garden. She also disrupted many games of after-dinner Scrabble.

In West Hartford, Kofi had the run of the house with her friends Charlemagne and Josephine, the miniature poodles who generously shared their turf with her. After the house was sold, she moved to a condo in New Britain. Again, Kofi enjoyed the run of the unit, sleeping on her favorite couch and looking out the sliding glass door. She also was permitted to leave the premises to sit under a nearby bush and to visit a fellow feline who lived in another unit.

In July, following some troubling blood tests, it was decided that rather than stress her with invasive treatments, it was time to enroll her into kitty hospice. She passed away peacefully in her sleep four months later.

She will be missed.

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Squeaky was probably the sweetest cat I’ve ever had. She loved without reservation, and her spirit remained undimmed even as her kidneys failed her. Up to her end, she wanted to play. So long, Orange Cat, aka Pumpkin Muffin. We’ll miss you.

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Midnight, I will always love you. You were the perfect companion for me for over twenty years. Temperate, tolerant, intelligent, and a personality all your own that told me how you felt and what you wanted and needed. With heartbreak I let you go when it was your time but you will always be with me in my heart and by my side.

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Moonbeam DePaolo

Our Moonbeam, a pure black kitty, was brought to our door by her Momma. She lived in our yard, being fed and sheltered by us. In the winter we had a heated home as she did not want to become an indoor kitty. When my husband and I retired, Moonbeam spent more time with us as she followed us around our yard and allowed me to groom her. Suddenly, when she was about 12 years old, she stopped eating and was trying to live under our shed. Moonbeam became an indoor kitty when she allowed me to carry her into our home where. She lived with us for the next 4 years with Autumn and Rusty, our other rescued kitties. When she stopped eating again after being cared for by Dr. McClain and Dr. Hester, we had to make the heartbreaking decision that all cat lovers dread. We will never forget our courageous Moonbeam. Our hearts are broken. We loved her so much and missed her every day. We will never forget her.

Love Mama & Papa

A white cat

Duchess Georgiana
May 2008 – May 2023

I still remember that day when my mother and I picked up Georgie and her brother, Charlie, on a warm, sunny August afternoon at Bradley airport. I had been eagerly awaiting them since early May when they were born.

As the attendant handed the carrier to us, Georgie was already in the front meowing, as if to say, “we’re here!” Seated at the front of the carrier, the fluffy white kitten seemed to smile as she mewed excitedly all the way home.

When we arrived, and I put them in their new “nursery,” she and her brother gulped down their wet food. After all, it had been a long day on a flight from Missouri. While Charlie looked apprehensive, trying to hide beneath the sofa, Georgie remained playful as she lept up to catch the feathers on a string. Girls just wanna have fun!

I often felt a special tenderness for her as she played big sister to Charlie. They often slept side by side, moving together throughout the day. I was always touched to see her comfort him, licking his face—like after an unwanted bath. Over the years, I came to cherish them even more as loved ones around me passed away. Charlie and Georgie became my primary source of comfort at home.

So it feels strange not to see her jump on the sofa when I sit down to read. Not to hear her greet me when I enter my bedroom. Not to feel her little sandpaper tongue give me a goodnight kiss after I turn out the lights.

The name “Georgios” is said to be based on the Greek words for “farmer,” “earth,” and “work.” Georgie, you have always been my harvest of love—you, my earth angel and now heavenly angel.

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November 2006 – April 2023

Autumn was 2 1/4 lbs when my husband rescued her in November 2006 after being abandoned at the shop where he worked. He secured her in a box, but she got out and was found in a machine covered in oil. She was given multiple washings and arrived home, where she was cared for by another rescued cat, Lexus. The 2 girls bonded and were inseparable until Lexus passed away at age 5 due to cancer. Autumn was a sweet kitty who loved to cuddle with her Papa on the couch. She did get attached to another rescued kitty, Rusty whom she could spend time. Even though Autumn battled thyroid and kidney disease along with chronic symptoms from the feline herpes virus during her last years, she never stopped bringing love and happiness to our family. We will miss our little girl as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 12, 2023. She brought us much joy during her almost 17 years with us.

Love always and forever, Momma & Papa

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Oscar Loeffler – A Life Well Lived
5/17/05 – 3/30/23

Oscar touched the hearts of so many people. He was my only cat who shared his life with three dogs and his sibling, Vanessa. I like to say that he trained all three dogs. Oscar shared most of his years with Vanessa and our dog Elsa. They were a band of three, Oscar being the leader of that band. He was very protective of Elsa when she was a puppy and was often found sitting on top of her crate.

Oscar was adventurous and entertaining. He came when called, retrieved paper balls and toys, batted paper balls out of the air, and caught them in his paws. He always brought them to me. Oscar loved Christmastime, especially sitting under the tree. I fondly remember Oscar going downstairs in the middle of the night to bring his pink pig or plaid cat upstairs for me. He would meow and leave it on the side of my bed. Sometimes, I would find two or three toys in the morning, indicating several trips downstairs. Oscar also loved sitting in the sun, watching the birds, and chirping along with them. He loved life. Oscar was so endearing.

Oscar loved people and wouldn’t hesitate to sit on the couch with someone he just met. When my sister visited, he would find a spot on her yoga mat.

Oscar developed a myriad of health issues as his latter years unfolded. He was a warrior and met each challenge head-on.

Dear Oscar, I am honored to have spent 18 years of my life loving you. For as long as I can take a breath, you will be remembered. You were my gentle, quiet boy, my calming force, my rock. Sleep well, my honey boy.

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We miss our boy Bertie so very much. We were lucky to have him for almost 21 years. Sometimes, I think I still hear him, see him quickly out of the corner of my eye, or that he jumps on the bed at night to snuggle – but it is not so. But we were so fortunate that Bertie was taken such good care of by Dr. McClaine and all the staff at Cat’s Limited – especially in his final months. He will be forever in our hearts and minds…

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Gilligan and I celebrated our 8th Homecoming on April 11, 2023. He came into my life shortly after I lost my beloved Buddy, leaving behind his sister Daisy without a companion. Gilligan was named Matt at the adoption center due to his matted-down long hair. I had no idea I was adopting a long-haired cat as he had a lion’s mane cut to remove the matting, so he was somewhat bald. When I entered the room, Gilligan jumped up straight from the floor to my shoulder, wrapped himself around my neck, communicating in his way, “You are the one.” The staff was amazed, stating what a typical behavior of “Matt,” and he never saw any cat react in such a manner. “That’s a match made in heaven,” the volunteer said. How true! My mother, who was with me, said, “That’s my daughter, cats adopt her.” This was the exact way Buddy reacted to meeting me, and he was labeled “antisocial.” I took one look at “Matt” and said, “You are my little Buddy.” That led to his name, Gilligan. My father fell in love with Gilligan and asked me to share his birthday with him.

After Daisy passed, Gilligan was too social to not have siblings, so we adopted Skipper and Lovey. Gilligan was the best big brother you can imagine. Gilligan continued to enjoy wrapping himself around my neck, sitting on my lap, or cuddling in bed. He was always waiting in the window for me to return, even if I just went to the end of the driveway for mail. Sadly, just 2 weeks after our 8th Homecoming, Gilligan passed away from throat cancer. While Gilligan is gone from my arms, he will never be gone from my heart. Gilligan, Skipper, and Lovey were featured in Mutts comic strip Shelter Stories.

From Elaine, Skipper, and Lovey Kotler

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Pierre (aka Peter-Over-the-Wall)

Pierre started life as a New York City “alley cat.” Followed his first owner into her apartment one cold evening and “decided” to become her roommate.

He eventually made his way to Granby, where he became a constant companion to his first owner’s mother.

At the mother’s funeral service, it was obvious that Pierre was, once again, in need of a new home.

Thus, I returned home from the funeral service with Pierre in tow.

He was not only the best roommate anyone could ask for; he was my “best bud!” Miss you, Pusserloo!

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Melody Fitzgerald
April 2008 – February 2023

I adopted Melody from the Newington Humane Society in April 2008, and it was love at first sight! When I brought her home she took to my husband and myself right away likely because she felt our enormous loving affection for her.

Melody was such a funny cat who would demand being fed throughout the night and if you didn’t feed her right away, she would scream very loud and pounce on you. For the almost 15 years of her life, I fed her at night right away as she requested because I love her so much! After feeding her, I would wake up and find her on my pillow or sleeping beside me.

Sadly, Melody passed quickly on February 3, 2023, likely from hyperthyroidism and kidney failure.

Our hearts are broken, and we miss you so much, Melody! We will see you again!

Denise & Tom Fitzgerald

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Durga: 2006-2022

Durga was called Birdie when I met her at the shelter, finally ready for her own home after being found with her six kittens under a porch in winter. We connected the moment she trotted up to me, chattering, claiming me with her vivid, green eyes. I wanted to give her a name befitting a goddess, so she became Durga.

She quickly became my best friend, this little tiger-striped tabby with her cocoa chin and white paws. Whatever life threw my way, she adapted and thrived. She was always happy to see me, whether I’d been gone an hour or a week. Every night, she slept with me and never was far. Durga was sweet and gentle, except when another cat encroached on her territory. I’ll forever imagine her stretched out in the sunroom, basking in the light.

Everyone said she had a regal air, The Princess and the Dairy Queen (for her boundless love of licking cheese) among her nicknames. But she was also a benevolent ruler, happy to see new people. Though she never loved traveling, she and her “pod” became favorites wherever she went, as she’d butt her head against the mesh top to monitor the situation and seek nose boops.

Durga was a trooper as we dealt the past few years with her kidney disease and related issues, even when I wasn’t. In the end, she left on her own terms, in my arms, surrounded by love and as peacefully as possible, for which I’m forever grateful.

She was my heart cat and always will be. And I know she touched so many others. I can’t thank Dr. McClaine and everyone at Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital enough for their kindness her entire life.

I’ll love you forever, my sweet Durga.


Your Meowmy, Jenn

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We could have called you Lucky: We were literally on our way to choose a shelter cat when we got a text. You’d been abandoned 24 hours ago. It was fate.

We miss you digging at the covers at daybreak, reminding us breakfast is due.

We miss you at 9:30 pm, when you’d come ‘round like clockwork to shepherd us to bed. Somehow, you always knew.

We miss you when we look down from the kitchen table and expect to see your big yellow Oliver Twist eyes, “beggaring” for the Good Food.

People around the world loved you. They saw just six seconds of you and fell in love. Within two weeks, you’d gone viral, with 19,000 Instagram followers @donothingcat.

True, you did not play with toys. You could care less about the red spot. All you wanted was a lap and love, and we were always ready to give it. That’s not doing nothing: It’s doing everything.

Our laps are empty now, but our hearts are full.

We’re grateful to everyone at Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital for the loving care they gave you.

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Minerva McGonagall Laughner

April 2008 – May 2022

Minnie was born near Germanton, NC, to a grey tiger mom and a ginger tiger dad and was promptly dubbed “Stripes” by her human family. Generous though they were, having adopted Minnie’s stray dad, 12 cats from 2 litters in a household of 5 humans can strain even the best among us.

An email from my colleague with nothing but a picture of 5 of the most adorable little faces snagged me instantly. We’d lost Mike’s adored tortoiseshell Coconut in December, and even though he wasn’t sure he was ready, I asked if I could “just go take a look.” He wasn’t fooled, of course, but agreed anyway.

I arrived at the family home and was shown into a comfortable but clearly cat-stressed living room. My colleague explained, as cats perched from the tops of furniture and drapes, that she hadn’t bothered to restrain them because they were in the process of remodeling and “those drapes are going anyway”. Ignoring this clear warning, I introduced myself to the children and sat in the middle of the floor.

Before long, I found myself under investigation. The bolder occupants strolled within reach, some even allowing a touch. One came and parked herself next to my thigh. She never left.

Rest in peace, little one. Mommy and Daddy will love you forever!

Cat laying between pillows

Sadie Rose Manzo

Dearest Sadie Rose…

Thank you for 14 1/2 years of cuddles and love.

We miss you so, so much and will love you forever!

Mommy and Lucas

Cat laying on a bed


Knox, Knoxie, our special boy. Words will never describe the ache that we feel now that you’re not physically here with us anymore. Your Dad scooped you up at just 8 weeks old and has held you close and protected you every day until your last. We blended our families two years ago, and you gained your Mommy, sister Stella, and later a baby sister, Lily.

As Lily grows, we will tell her stories about our silly little Knox, who would get the zoomies, chase his own tail, try to bop Stella, loved his catnip, and was the biggest cuddle bug (but only with his daddy). He loved to snuggle up under the covers and rest his head on pillows, was always wanting to play, and loved getting his big cheeks scratched.

Knox was one of a kind with his double paws and sweetest personality. There will always be a paw-shaped hole in our hearts that won’t be filled until we see our Knoxie again. But we find some comfort knowing that when we hear Lily say “Cat!” and there’s no one else in the room that, Knox is still with us and watching over us all.

We miss you so much buddy, and long for the day we get to snuggle and give you kisses once more.

Mommy, Lily, Stella, and your best friend forever, Daddy <3,

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She came as the centerpiece of a pair. From the Humane Society, where she was fostered and adopted, looking badly in need of someone to care for her, Princess generously shared the near entirety of her long life of 19 years with her companion, Midnight, and me. I always attributed her skittish nature to the hardships she had likely seen as a kitten before she was adopted.

Over the years, as fear receded, trust allowed her to share her extremely sweet nature. A paradox behind that timid personality lurked a ferocious tiger. And though she always looked as though she was in desperate need of a meal, she had both the softest fur and most beautiful, liquid eyes. She passed with exquisite grace. Her sudden loss brings anguished silence. She is and always will remain deeply missed and dearly loved.

a cat lying on its back


Henry was found abandoned in the parking lot of Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Laurie Hester. He had a number of medical issues, and was given excellent care through the Sherwin fund. I became his foster person and then his forever person. (Those folks who passed up the opportunity to adopt him totally missed out, and I got lucky).

Henry was a sweet and sometimes curmudgeonly old man cat who always knew what he wanted and didn’t want, which led my friends to call him King Henry the Furred. He was a loving companion who liked to place his paw in my palm when settling down to sleep and loved being tucked in under the blankets when it was cold. He would poke gently if he wanted attention and smack the phone out of my hands if I ignored him for too long. He could sense moods, and responded accordingly with affection and purrs. He would come right to me for his twice-daily insulin shots without a single complaint. He found ingenious ways to get to his food, including one instance where he opened a sealed container with a twenty-pound weight on top of it by pushing it off a high shelf.

He was the best friend and roommate one could ask for, despite not being able to do his own dishes or pick up after himself. He was worth every moment of the time we had together.

Henry left his cat body behind on March 16, 2022, as his soul went on to other adventures.
He was in the arms of his person, who loved him and misses him more than words can convey.

Cat laying on a bed


Finding the right words for that guy is hard, but I’m giving it my best shot! Thank you, everyone, for always being there for Skeeter.

We said goodbye to our beautiful, fresh, funny boy Skeeter on March 11. He was 16, and although he used up his 9 lives and then some, 1,000 lives would not have been enough for him.

He was my constant companion and best friend; there for the best and worst of times – love and loss, several moves, two different escape attempts, and quarantine. Skeeter brought joy every day through his funny antics, daily requests for second breakfast, morning drinks from the bathroom “water fountain” and randomly popping over to my desk throughout the day just to say hi.

There are no words to accurately describe how loved he was or what a hole he has left in our hearts and home. He was a once in a lifetime cat.

Love and miss you so very much, Skeeter. (Skeet Beet, Skeets, Bandicoot, Old Sport, Keeter, Old Goat).

Thank you, Dr. McClaine, for the years of kind and compassionate care you provided, and to Dr. Haining for helping him pass peacefully when he let us know it was time.

Cat sitting on a bed


Our beloved friend Ziggy passed away on Monday, February 28th, just short of his 19th birthday. Ziggy was an institution in the Mattie family for almost two decades, traveling between homes and bringing joy to grandparents, children, and grandchildren alike.

Ziggy began his life as an outdoor cat and loved nothing more than lazing in the sun with his best friend, Buddy. He was also known for his voracious appetite in his younger years. As he got older, Ziggy stayed indoors but never lost his interest in the outdoors – one could often find him relaxing in the sunlight. And despite health issues as he aged, Ziggy never lost his interest in food until the very end. He was known to steal a sandwich or two.

Ziggy was a true friend with an almost dog-like loyalty. He would follow his dad, John, around the house from morning until night. During the pandemic, when John and his wife Kris were at home most of the time, Ziggy became a source of great joy and companionship. He loved nothing more than a good snuggle. He was also known to give lots of kisses.

Ziggy was also known as Zig the Pig, Piggy, Piggy Boy, Ziggy Stardust, Zig, Chonk, and countless other names.

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Our beloved cat Smokey went peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge on 2/5/22. He was a very healthy boy right up until he was diagnosed with a progressive malignant tumor under his tongue in January 2022. It was a shock to all of us to have to come to terms that he was not going to recover from it, especially since he was healthy up until that point. We didn’t want him to be put through additional pain, avoiding the inevitable, so we made the heartbreaking decision to end his suffering. He was not just a cat but a very important member of our family. He was with us through many trials and tribulations since we adopted him in December 2007 at the age of 3 1/2. He was especially important to his human dad ever since the freak October snowstorm in 2011, where he would cuddle up against him all the time to keep warm. From then on, he and his human dad were inseparable. He was a constant source of companionship and love to us as we were to him, and we all now have a hole in our hearts since he passed. He will never be forgotten and in our hearts forever!

Lisa, Rich & Nick Parenteau
Human Parents & Brother

Cat sleeping over a lady


My sweet little Benny boy passed away on 2/2/22 at the age of 7 years old. To say he will be missed is an understatement. He has filled my life with immeasurable love and joy. Life without him will never be the same.

I don’t know much about Benny’s life before me, but I do know his life with me was good. He was spoiled, happy, and very loved. He was the most affectionate cat I have ever known. He loved to wake me up in the middle of the night for pets & kisses. He would put his little cold nose on my cheek and that meant “wake up I need attention”. So, I would pet him and talk to him and tell him what a good boy he was. He would follow me around the house like a puppy. Everywhere I went, there he was. He was perfect.

Benny had many names, some of which include:

Stinky Boy
Kitty Boy Jones
Long Fella
Handsome Bo-Bansome
Benny Baker the Little Biscuit Maker

He was funny, playful, and just so so loving. He wanted to be as close to me as possible. He would lay on my keyboard while I would work, sit on my lap while watching tv, and sleep under the blankets with me at night. He was always close by. I loved him, and he loved me. He was my sweet little boy, and he is so missed.

Cat sitting near plants


Our dear cat Nadia died on December 1, 2021, surrounded by her human parents, Trish and Stan, and her compassionate caregivers, Dr. Lafer and Melanie. Nadia was a beloved member of our family for over 16 years and brought us so much joy. A real “tail’s up, get-er-done” kind of kitty, Nadia was fiercely optimistic and never one to complain, provided we lived up to her standards. Nadia insisted on drinking water from a crystal high ball glass, being fed on time, and having two heaping tablespoons of whipped cream (homemade with no sugar, please!) served to her every night! Of course, we happily complied, and Nadia repaid us with unconditional love and lots and lots of purring. We will always love you, Nadia, and will never forget you. May you be in a place where you can chase chipmunks and rabbits forever. Rest In Peace and Grace, dear friend.

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Tunechi was the firstborn of six to a stray named Scotch, who had been taken in by a friend in college after the cat was found waddling around, very pregnant, on their apartment porch. Tunechi and her sister, the runt of the litter, joined my best friend and me in our tiny little apartment, and we loved our mischievous little “bookend” babies. After college, Tunechi and I lived many lives together: she tagged along with me through seven apartments, four cities, and a couple of relationships. She was adaptable, laid back, and mercifully patient with this first-time-cat-mama. I’ll never forget the day I awoke to her staring up at me – I swear, a near smile on her face – proudly presenting the poor mouse she’d somehow managed to capture in my Brooklyn apartment. I didn’t know she had it in her, but she was always keeping me on my toes! She weaseled her way with ease into the heart of my husband and was spoiled by him to no end. She was our Calico Queen, our Chatty Cathy, our chonky potato. We love and miss our sweet girl so much!

a cat lying on a couch

Sophie Talbot

I spent 10 wonderful years with Sophie, who was adopted from The Simon Foundation. It had been a year and a half since my Bootsy lost his life to cancer. I knew that it was past time to provide a kitty with a loving home. I entered the room full of cats and caught Sophie’s eye. It wasn’t long until she arrived home and made herself comfortable!

We shared a move to a condo, a few hospitalizations (mine) and one of hers, the OCCASIONAL tiny bit of tuna, and cuddles, pets and scratches, and playing. When I left my job to start my own company, I would often watch Sophie lounge on her kitty condo from my desk.

I surrendered Sophie to a pain-free life on August 21, 2021. My girl had been slowing down and my fur mom’s intuition told me something was very wrong. I brought her to Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital to see Dr. Katie McClaine. After an exam and an x-ray, Dr. McClaine returned to the exam room and gave me a hug. My worst fears were confirmed: Sophie was very ill. The next day I brought Sophie to a veterinary hospital equipped to do an ultrasound. It was here that I knew I was going to lose yet a third pet to cancer.

When Sophie wanted to eat or to be petted, she would gently tap me on either the arm or the cheek. And that is how I will always remember her, laying contently next to me, a gentle, sweet, “ma-ma’s” girl. Be happy, Sophie. I will always miss you.

Cat laying on bed


It is with a very heavy, tear-filled heart that I must report the passing of my beloved pet, Jasper, at 12:17 on September 12th, 2021. He lived a long and happy life of 13 years and 1 day. And I had the honor to cradle him in my arms on the sofa for his last 3 hours on this earth. Farewell, my sweet angel boy!!

Cat laying on a couch

Cleopatra Gallant

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, I said goodbye to my best friend, Cleopatra Gallant.

“Cleo” came into our family in June 2008 at the age of 4. She had pretty black fur with a small amount of white fur on her chest. Cleo had the most beautiful green sparkling eyes. Her meow was distinguishable, and she would use it to communicate with us.

I spent my first night with Cleo, letting her know she was safe. When I woke up the next morning, she had settled in by my side, and she remained by my side for the next 13 wonderful years.

Cleo was considered a nurse cat to me for a while. She saw me through Cancer treatment & recovery, always there to share in my best and worst days. Cleo would follow me around the house and lay down wherever I was, whether it was on the bed or the floor. It didn’t matter the time of day or night. I couldn’t have made it through without her care and companionship.

She loved my husband, Paul, very much. Cleo would greet him after a long day at work, looking for a treat or some of his dinner, which he would happily share with her. She loved to be brushed with a pink hairbrush he had bought special for her.

Cleo enjoyed spending time with her brother and sister cats too, who miss her since she’s been gone.

Until we meet again, my beautiful baby girl.

Cleo’s “Ma-Ma”, Debbie

Cat laying on a bed

Tuffie was really not so tough but was a great friend who was sweet, mild-mannered, and loyal. Years ago, my neighbor passed away, and a rescue team came and took all the younger cats and kittens for adoption, but Tuffie was left in my neighbor’s yard. I would go and feed him and saw how sweet and friendly he was so one day I said “you’re coming home with me!” He was so happy that as I was carrying him to my house, he was purring up a storm.

Tuffie was 8 or 9 years old so I was concerned than an older cat would be harder to adopt. I was so glad Tuffie became part of our family. No more living in a cold garage, he now had a nice warm home. He also got along with my other pet cats and they too felt good around him.

When Tuffie was a kitten I was told that a pitbull grabbed him and dragged him away. He survived, and the name Tough Guy was given to him. But he was not so tough. He was a very warm, friendly, sweet, loyal cat who had a smile on his face of contentment. He was so happy in his home. Over the years, I would take Tuffie outside with his harness on and we would go for our walks around my yard and the woods behind my house. Oh, how he loved looking at nature! We would take him and my other kitty kids to Rhode Island every summer at our summer place. He saw the ocean and we took him to the beautiful park field in Rhode Island.

He loved playing with his toys and with the other cats. He was such a good, sweet boy! When I would lay on my couch he would jump up and lay down, putting his cheek against mine as we snoozed together. He loved me so much, and of course, I loved him.

As the years went by, old age eventually caught up with him. The time came when I painfully knew it was time to say our goodbyes. Tuffie was sixteen or seventeen years old when he passed on to heaven. I may not be able to touch him again, but I can still feel the love and presence of him. He came to me in my dreams to say hello and check on me. I’ll remember how much we loved each other, and his whole body would move up and down, purring at me with such love.

Until we meet again, God take care of him.

Mom and Dad