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Cat Second Opinions and Referrals at Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital in West Hartford, CT

Discover exceptional care with expert second opinions and specialist referrals at Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital.

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Enhancing Care with Second Opinions and Specialist Referrals at Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital

As a cats-only hospital, we’re often asked to evaluate patients on a second-opinion basis. We welcome these visits and make use of all of our resources to help treat patients with challenging medical or behavioral conditions.

Our veterinarians have been feline-only practitioners for many years and focus our continual education on feline medicine, which is often very different from canine medicine. This experience and training provide a unique perspective in evaluating and treating cats. While our veterinarians focus their education and skills on cats only, we are not “specialists.” Specialists are veterinarians who have advanced degrees beyond a veterinary degree and are board-certified in an area of expertise (see “specialist referrals” below).

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Preparing for a Smooth Second Opinion Evaluation Appointment

When scheduling a second opinion evaluation, we will need a copy of your cat’s complete medical records, including all examinations, test results, treatments, radiographs (X-rays), and ultrasound examination reports. We need to receive these records at least two business days before your appointment (unless it is scheduled on an urgent basis). This gives our veterinarians adequate time to review them and complete any necessary research prior to the appointment. This way, during your appointment, the veterinarian can focus on examining and evaluating your cat and developing a new treatment plan.

If you are unable to get your cat’s medical records, you can still schedule the appointment; however, we may need to repeat some of the tests that have already been performed. A second opinion examination is scheduled for a longer period of time than our other appointments so we can spend the additional time needed for such a visit. For that reason, we do ask for a deposit, which can be refunded with at least 48 hours’ notice. After your visit, you are welcome to continue your cat’s care with us or continue with your current veterinarian. For further information and to schedule your cat’s appointment, please call us at (860) 561-9885.

Specialist Referrals

We are fortunate to live in an area with many specialists available (within a 1-2 hour drive) for consultation and referral. When a cat needs specialized care or evaluation, we refer our clients to these specialists, just as your primary care veterinarian will refer you to a specialist. Some of the specialties include neurology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, oncology, orthopedic/specialized surgery, internal medicine, and radiology (for advanced imaging, such as an MRI or CAT scan). We work closely with these specialists to coordinate the care your cat needs after your referral visit. If you would like more information about a referral to a specialist, please call our office.