After finding a stray cat (Parker) at my job I had him neutered and given some needed shots at a clinic. Then I found us needing a groomer. You see my gray tiger had long claws and matted fur. He was very uncomfortable and was introducing his claws to my furniture. I brought him to Cats Limited and they kept him over night. With sedation they were able to shave him down, cut his nails and follow through with his vaccinations. He was so happy, it was summer and the hair cut was perfect timing, not to mention my poor sofa he was scratching was glad too… The staff was great and I was given a tour of the very clean hospital. Since then I have had Parker boarded twice, during which I was given thorough telephone updates, e-mails and photos with which I was able to enjoy my vacations having peace of mind. 🙂
Jayme Parparian

You know the saying, “Not all doctors are alike.” It extends to veterinarians, as well. I first heard about Cats Limited from my breeder, Alice Randall Ferris (Lilac Farms), upon expressing a few concerns over my vet at the time and their diagnosis of one of my kittens. She urged me to contact Cats Limited, which I did. Even though I live nearly an hour away, this practice is well worth the trip. All three vets are extremely caring and knowledgeable. The facility itself is state-of-the-art. In fact, I can’t think of a doctor’s office that is even half as nice! If you love your cat and live within driving distance, this is the place for you.
Traci Romanelli Morena

Every vet hospital should be modeled after the values and standards at Cats Limited. The doctors and staff at Cats Limited are knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. My 3 furry kids Rajah, Aladdin, and Luna have been seeing Dr. Lafer since we moved to CT in 2005. I love the high standards of care at Cats Limited. I always feel I can trust Dr. Lafer and staff to have my kids’ best interest at heart and provide the best medical care possible. Dr. Lafer is always very patient and knowledgeable with answering my questions (and I ask A LOT of questions!). About 1.5 years ago, Aladdin was diagnosed with cancer. Working in conjunction with oncologists in MA and NY, Dr. Lafer has been providing outstanding medical care for Aladdin. I feel very fortunate to have Cats Limited in our lives. Sometimes I feel like I’m part of the Cats Limited family because I’m there so often and have become so familiar and comfortable with everyone there!
Sydney Chang

I have owned cats for most of my adult life and now have 3 furry companions. I am also a member of a feline rescue group that has visited many Veterinarians and animal shelters. My cats are treated at Cats Limited because it is one of the best veterinarian practices in the state. Cats Limited has a well planned facility that is designed to lower the stress levels of both their feline patients and their patients’ owners. They are staffed by kind and gentle individuals who are knowledgeable in their profession. I trust them with my cats.
Peter Kuck

Lilac Farms Custom Cattery is proud to say we have used Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital for over 10 years. They are located in West Hartford, CT. Cats Limited is strictly a cats-only veterinary clinic. It is owned by Diana J. Lafer, DVM, and her expertise in feline healthcare & behavior is truly exceptional. Other than herself, she has two of the most noteworthy feline veterinarians working along side of her, Dr. Katie McClaine and Dr. Laurie Hester. The clinic itself is state of the art, and I often walk into it wishing my human clinic was just as nice. I must say, Cat’s Limited is on the cutting edge of feline medicine. They believe strongly in continued education and their doctors are constantly attending classes to keep up to date on the latest feline medical findings. They are equipped with the most modern of surgical equipment and now perform many of their surgeries by laser. In addition, they are the first feline clinic in the state of CT that is AAHA accredited, which is extremely important. I recommend anyone who owns a cat and lives within driving distance to go to them. Once you do, you’ll understand my enthusiasm for their practice. I have to say if it wasn’t for Cat’s Limited and their phenomenal veterinarians, I wouldn’t be half as educated in my field as I am. As a note, all of Lilac Farms felines are seen regularly by Cats limited and as long as we reside in the state of CT, Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital will perform all our felines healthcare needs.
Alice Ferris/ Lilac Farms Custom Cattery